How can Digitalization be a success factor not only for the big players?

This is what our team is trying to figure out. A cooperation of science and practice guided by the University of Wuerzburg and renowned fashion companies. Click here for a list of all partners.

The marriage of the digital world and the physical one are creating new sources of value. Omni-channel or fast fashion strategies as key success factors that can transform a fashion company’s business.




Online seller Zalando proved as a game changer. Not only the market shifted but how things are done in fashion retail. Online platforms for example are non-negotiable anymore.
Zara hit on a formula for supply chain success that works – fast fashion. It keeps the time-to-market cycle as short as possible. The Spanish retailer can design, produce and distribute a garment to market in just fifteen days.

A fashion company’s success is not only depending anymore on its designers or where it produces the clothing but on IT.
Prior to an engagement with an omni-channel strategy, a large part of success was contributed to sales from brick-and-mortar stores. As a matter of fact, many companies maintain an e-commerce channel but still lack an integrated omni-channel strategy. This is the root cause for varied customer experience across channels, disjointed back-end operations and pricing inconsistencies.






Given all the above Digital Retail Lab is confronted with the facts and as its goal wants to develop possible innovative IT-solutions, in the ecommerce and IoT area. Also it wants to further develop omni-channel integration and strategies. Digital Retail Lab is a research initiative incorporated by Julius- Maximilians-University of Wuerzburg and innovative fashion retail companies from the region.
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